Anxious, Melancholy, Depressed? Daily mindfulness practice nurtures inner silence, embodied presence, and resilience to navigate everyday stresses and challenges. Photo David Beatty

One-to-one consultations provide a personalized approach to contemplative practice tailored to your particular needs.

Fulfilment and wholeness lie within each of us. Stress, anxiety, fear and a feeling of unworthiness are common today in a world where traditional community support structures have collapsed. Loneliness is a common symptom in modern urban existence.

The Deep Centre provides you with personalized tools tailored to your unique experience and situation to help you meet everyday challenges and opportunities with resilience and clarity.

In Mindfulness Practice there are SEVEN ATTITUDES we nurture :

  1. Beginner’s Mind – a mind that is always open to what is new.
  2. Non-Judging Mind – being aware of our reactivity based on like/dislike; attraction/aversion; opinions. Not Judging ‘The Judging’. This requires discernment.
  3. Acceptance – An active process, this is not resignation. In all cases focus on what is taking place now. The limits of what you can accept determine the limits of your freedom.
  4. Letting Go – an attitude of not grasping and clinging.
  5. Trust – trustworthiness, with ourselves and the natural wisdom of the body.
  6. Patience – Things cannot be hurried. They come in their own time.
  7. Non-striving – Meditative awareness, attentive to the moment-to-moment flow of being, rather than goal-oriented. This is very empowering.

With personal guidance that facilitates inquiry into one's true nature daily mindfulness practice will overcome negativity and restore confidence and trust. Through practice and inquiry you learn to:

  • create space between a stressful event and your reaction
  • develop attentivenesss and concentration to invite flow
  • nurture self compassion
  • be at ease with uncertainty
  • embrace difficult emotions and feeling states
  • live with unconditional acceptance of self, others and whatever is taking place in the present moment.

Cultivating equanimity and wellbeing needs commitment, openness, and a wise investment in putting aside time each day to devote to practice and inner inquiry.

In a one-to-one encounter there is the possibility to explore together the obstacles to building trust in your capacity for intuitive knowing and to clarify any confusions and fears that may arise with the awakening that comes with prolonged mindfulness practice.

The integration of body, mind and heart with the regular practice of cultivating the presence of awareness nurtures wholesome cognitive and emotional growth.

There is no one way that is right, for you are the path your feet make in their walking, and your unique being will unfold in its own time and create its own path.

By inquiring into the nature of awareness you can shift your perspective on life as a whole by a deeper exploration into the nature of experience and the self. You become more attuned to the direct perception of the unfolding present without preconceptions, and integrate and deepen your experience of awakened non-dual living, free of conceptualizations of self and other.

You can begin to transcend being caught in the dualities of praise and blame, success and failure, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, seeing the truth that each of these represent two sides of one coin.

With the acceptance of impermanence and without grasping and clinging you begin to live as the whole person you are and to find freedom from seeking itself.

This collaboration will develop a programme suited to your needs and particular unique situation. Each session will be engaging as well as joyful as we work together to reveal your true source of passion, creativity and wellbeing.

Below there is a brief talk by Professor Mark Williams Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Oxford University UK. CLICK on the YouTube button.

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