Welcome to the Deep Centre


The Centre offers a space for mutual exploration of our innermost nature, the wellspring of authentic creativity and wellbeing.

The key to effective action, health and wholeness lies within each one of us. It is from this deep centre amidst the external and internal stresses of daily life that we can create space for consciously connecting with ourselves, our communities and the rhythms of life itself.

In a complex and challenging world we celebrate Diversity, nurture an Ecology of love in our relationship to the natural world, cultivate an Ethics of compassion and interdependence, and Practice Mindful Living through learning the Art of Meditation based on sound experiential practice leading to insight, wisdom and compassion.

The Deep Centre offers workshops and courses in mindfulness practice in which participants can share in a process of awakening that facilitates pivotal shifts in the perception of self and relation to others, leading to empowerment, creativity, and compassionate ways of living that embody and sustain your best qualities.