Water springs create an oasis of tranquillity

To find our true purpose in life is possible if we nurture the art of living mindfully. Mindfulness creates the inner space and silence that allows you to look deeply. Out of this space we can learn to live in a way that resonates with our deepest concern.

Why am I here? What am I doing with my life? With mindfulness you begin to hear the response welling up from the silence within. You begin to hear the deepest calling of your heart inside you. You begin Living Working Relating Trusting Thinking Feeling Listening Observing in a new way. A profound shift occurs in your relations with others and the world around you.

"Our true home is called the island of self, the peaceful place inside of us. Oftentimes we don't notice it's there; we don't even know where we are, because our outer or inner environment is filled with noise. We need some quietness to find that island of self." Thich Nhat Hanh

And to listen to the earth is to listen to that part of us we have probably neglected, to connect with deep time from which we emerged, for we carry within us the whole history of humanity, and of the world around us that has manifested this astounding and prodigious diversity of life forms. Science tells us that within us are the sediments of mineral, vegetable, and animal. And now the future of the earth and all humanity lies in our hands.

Sometimes nature can help us to connect with that place. The sounds of the natural world nurture that inner silence. To listen to nature is to connect with that deepest part of ourselves, and the noise of thoughts with their worries, anxieties and insoluble problems falls away, and we experience a new spaciousness of heart-mind consciousness that gives us clarity and insight.



Everything is
the answer
too fast

W.S. Merwin, Poet

Before continuing take a few moments to listen to the earth